Saying that Frozen Chicken Meat has a better nutritive value than the fresh one would not be right. However, if frozen properly, the quality is certainly at par. I have come across many advertisements that say ‘our chicken has never been frozen’ leading people into believing that it is not a healthy option. However, this is only a myth. Yes, it is cheaper and works wonders for your grocery bills but why does that have to mean it is of a poor quality? Read ahead and many other myths about this delicious meat would be shattered.

Let’s talk about nutrition first: Commercially, Frozen Chicken Meat Suppliers and Exporters in Thailand, use blast chilling techniques and flash freezing techniques to freeze Fresh Chicken within seconds. This means that the nutritional value remains locked in the Frozen Chicken Paws, Breasts, Legs, in short, in the Whole Chicken.

Texture and taste: With the abovementioned freezing techniques, chicken is also able to retain its texture. Due to the speediness of this process, no crystals are formed in the meat, thereby preventing a change in taste. All you need to do is defrost it properly and let your cooking give it the finger licking taste.

Limited number of dishes: Nay! It is false that only a limited number of dishes can be prepared with Fresh Frozen Chicken Meat. Make grilled chicken with Frozen Chicken Breasts or prepare a stock from Frozen Chicken Paws, it’s all in your hand. You can use it for making salads, pasta and all the other dishes you make with fresh chicken.

So when you are getting to save money for the same nutrition, taste and variety, why not go to the supermarket today and buy a big pack of Frozen Chicken Meat? You can buy bags of Whole Chicken, Chicken Feet, Breast, Thighs, Legs and Wings – all frozen and delicious.

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